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php training in bangalore| Kormangala Topic: php training in bangalore| Kormangala

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Quote vidhyaSD Replybullet Topic: php training in bangalore| Kormangala
    Posted: 21Apr2013 at 1:21pm
Php tutorial|php tutorial in bangalore|best php training in bangalore|System Domain, Kormangala

PHP is a computer scripting language, originally designed for producing dynamic web pages. It is for server-side scripting, but can be used from a command line interface or in standalone graphical applications.

Benefits of PHP

• Easy to Code Programs
• Open source Technology
• Tremendous Opening in IT Company
• Suitable in All Operating System
• Easy made web Application
• Flexible Server.
• High Processing Speed
• Huge Data storage by MySQL

SYSTEM DOMAIN, KORMANGALA PVT LTD,- Pioneers in software training programs, which has quality training and infrastructure up to the mark of the IT industry requirements. The technologies are picked after a thorough research and analysis based upon the existing and prospective IT industry in mind and Training Cum Placement Assurance.

SYSTEM DOMAIN, KORMANGALA provides you the distinction is to a large extent, subjective. Here are a few characteristics often noted as descriptive of PHP:
• Latest Versions of PHP 5.3 are handled here
• PHP & MySQL being an open source code
• Giants including Yahoo, Google, etc have started applying PHP& MySQL in practice.
• Governments are also interested in open source codes like PHP as it is a major part of their cost-cutting strategies,
• In addition open source like PHP Plays great role during hard economies.
• The IT backbones of India like Wipro, HCL, Satyam etc. have brought PHP/MYSQL application in existence to curtail unwanted expenses.
• Consequently, small and medium sized companies have started following PHP/MYSQL Programming.
• AJAX in PHP makes application faster and interactive.
• AJAX in PHP Reduces Network Traffic
• AJAX in PHP Increases Speed
• AJAX in PHP Increases Response Time
• AJAX Enhances User Experience
• AJAX Used by many popular Internet Companies

PHP is an open source code, where anyone can download and make use of the application free of cost. It is easy to obtain the complete source code and customize it according to one’s requirement. As of April 2007, over 20 million Internet domains were hosted on servers with PHP installed, and PHP was recorded as the most popular Apache module. Of late the exuberating release of PHP was version 5.2.6 on May 1, 2008.

For more details, feel free to contact us:
*Conditions Apply
Hema Govindaraju

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Quote vitconratran9x9 Replybullet Posted: 28Apr2014 at 12:09am
Ned is arrested, lots of his men are killed, and Sansa, poor Sansa, quickly learns that Joffrey is not exactly Prince Charming. In fact, he’s a horrible sadist. He brutally taunts and torments Sansa, with the reluctant help of his hulking bodyguard of sorts, a brute with a half-burned faced who is colloquially called the Hound. (His real name is Sandor Clegane.) So Sansa’s in a pickle. Up in the Vale, Tyrion is freed from Catelyn’s kangaroo court after his champion, a mercenary named Bronn, successfully acts as his defense counsel in single combat. (That’s what passes for a trial up in Lysa’s house of crazy.) Tyrion enlists a group of wild mountain men to help see him home safely, and Jaime goes to collect him. When back in Winterfell, Catelyn watches as her son Robb rallies the men of the North and they effectively declare war on the Lannisters and the Baratheons. Little Arya is caught in the middle of all this, but evades capture in the city when her fencing instructor (a Braavosi from across the Narrow Sea, hired by her father so Arya can keep up with her beloved sword training) fends off the castle guards.

Things are looking pretty grim for ol’ Ned Stark, and Varys convinces him to plead guilty to treason in the hopes that his family will be spared any further torment. The newly crowned King Joffrey, though, decides he’d rather have Ned’s head chopped off, which is exactly what happens in the first season’s penultimate episode. It’s the biggest and most shocking thing to happen in the show so far. The supposed lead character is dead, before the first season is even over.


After that, total war breaks out, with not only the North naming Robb their King, but young Renly marrying Margaery Tyrell and using her family’s power to launch his own campaign for the throne. His older brother Stannis wants to be King too, so now there’s a bunch of different guys who have declared themselves King of Westeros. It’s a mess! After killing a stable boy who recognizes her (her first of many kills, I’m afraid), Arya escapes King’s Landing by posing as a young lad marching North to join the Night’s Watch. She disappears from the city, never to be seen again. (By many characters on the show, not by us.) Jaime is captured in a disastrous battle with Robb’s army and is taken prisoner in the hopes that he can be traded for Ned’s bones (these people are serious about burial) and the Stark girls. Joffrey’s grandfather Tywin is named the new Hand of the King, though as he’s preoccupied with battling the Starks, he enlists Tyrion as his proxy. Tyrion tries to rein in his bloodthirsty nephew, to little avail.


Meanwhile up in the North, all that magic that is supposedly gone? It’s not really gone. Scouts from the Night’s Watch, including Benjen Stark, have gone missing while out on patrol, but then a few of them come back as murderous blue-eyed zombies that can only be killed with fire. So clearly something really bad is going on. The Stark family words, “Winter is coming,” have never seemed truer. Jon Snow quickly asserts himself as the most capable of the new Night’s Watch recruits, befriending a few fellows in the process, including Samwell Tarly, a rotund and cowardly son of a lesser lord sent to the Wall so he can’t further shame his family. Determined to see what the hell is going on past the Wall, a group of Watchmen (whom the wildlings call “crows”) sets off into the wilderness to see what they can find. Back at Winterfell, Bran has been having weird dreams and visions of a one-eyed crow, but it’s unclear what those are all about. A captured wilding named Osha, who had once tried to rob and murder Bran, has now become his friend and helper. (Along with Hodor, hinh sex a local lumbering galoot who can only say “Hodor.”) Osha tells Bran things about the world Beyond-the-Wall that both scare and intrigue him.


And then across the sea, Daenerys has actually acquitted herself quite well with these Dothraki horse lords. So well, in fact, that her husband, whom she actually kinda likes, kills her brother in brutal fashion (he pours molten gold on his head, because he always wanted a crown) after he’s mean to his sister one too many times. Daenerys finds her backbone and then gets pregnant, the Dothraki convinced that her baby is destined for great things. There’s a ceremony where she has to eat a horse’s heart. It’s all very brutal. The gang in King’s Landing gets wind of her pregnancy and dispatches an assassin to kill her, but they are foiled by Daenerys’s trusty right-hand man, Ser Jorah Mormont, another Westerosi who’s been banished from his home. Then, sadly, during a raid, Drogo is injured and soon succumbs to his wounds. Daenerys is bereft and determined to get him back, so she enlists the help of a witch from a faraway land to bring Drogo back. She does, sort of, but at the price of Daenerys’s child, which is stillborn and covered in scales, rather mysteriously.

Shattered by the death of her baby, Daenerys suffocates the vegetative Drogo and places him on a great funeral pyre along with the dragon eggs. Feeling ballsy, she decides to walk into the fire herself. But when the smoke and ash clears, not only is Dany (as she’s called) not dead, she’s got three little baby dragons perched on her head and shoulders. Dragons! They’re back! And Daenerys, who is quickly becoming something of holy savior/destroyer figure, is their mom.


So we’ve got dragons in the far East, zombies in the North, and a war of several kings clashing around in the middle. And that’s where season one ends.

Season 2

War! The War of the Five Kings (Joffrey, Robb, Stannis, Renly, and Balon Greyjoy—more on him in a bit) is in full swing as Season 2 begins, and though he’s young and inexperienced, Robb is winning. But he knows that he can’t decisively defeat the Lannisters without the help of their other enemies. So he begins the work of trying to make allegiances. He sends the Stark family ward, Theon Greyjoy, back to his homelands on the Iron Islands in the hopes that Theon can convince his father, Balon, to take up arms against the Lannisters in exchange for some lands and stuff. Given that Theon and Robb were practically raised as brothers, Robb trusts that Theon will stay true to the Stark cause. Do you think he will? Of course he won’t! This is Game of Thrones!

When Theon arrives on the shores of the rugged Iron Islands after years of being away, it’s immediately clear that he’s become soft in the locals’ estimation. Theon is something of a lothario, so he immediately hits on the young woman who says she’ll escort him to the castle, only to discover that it’s, oops, his sister Yara. Thus begins an unhappy reunion with his family, as Theon learns that Yara has basically assumed primary heir duty, and Balon is disgusted by his lordly son. Convinced that the only way he can prove his mettle is to conquer the North for his father, Theon decides to head back to the mostly unguarded Winterfell and claim it for House Greyjoy. So, that’s one of Robb’s potential allegiances down.


Catelyn meanwhile travels South to confer with Renly and Stannis Baratheon. She’s hoping to get them to put aside their differences and unite with the Starks against their common enemy, the Lannisters. Renly is proud and vain, while Stannis is stubborn as sticks. It’s tough going.

Let’s take a moment here to explain who Stannis is and what he believes. He’s the middle Baratheon brother and a deeply religious, superstitious man. There are basically three major religions in the world of Game of Thrones. There are the Old Gods, who are the sort of nature-spirit beings worshipped in the North. When people go to pray in a Godswood, anh sex they’re praying to the Old Gods. There are the New Gods, who are the trendier deities worshipped throughout most of Westeros. They are a septet of complementary gods who act like a version of our Holy Trinity. When you hear talk of Septons and Septs (priests and churches) or see a seven-point star, that’s New Gods stuff. And then there’s R’hllor, Lord of Light. He’s an angry fire god popular in the East who is slowly gaining converts in Westeros. One of those converts is Stannis, who has been bewitched, figuratively if not literally, tai phim sex by a Red Priestess named Melisandre. She believes that burning infidels and conducting rituals with royal blood gives people power. And she says that she can see the future when she stares into fire. It’s heady stuff. She and Stannis aren’t the only practitioners of this faith, but they’re the most notable so far.

So, Stannis believes he’s got some divine, fiery mandate to be king, and in his defense he really is the rightful heir. But Renly doesn’t want to budge, so there’s a stalemate. After some fruitless negotiations with Catelyn, Stannis returns to Dragonstone to stew and plot, while his own soon-to-be Hand of the King, a former smuggler named Davos Seaworth, tries unsuccessfully to shield Stannis from Melisandre’s influence. It doesn’t work! Stannis takes the plunge and has sex with Melisandre, in the hopes of siring a male heir (he has a sickly daughter with his R’hllor-crazed wife, who can’t bear any more children).


Melisandre gets pregnant, but, uh, it’s not just any baby that she’s pregnant with. One night, Melisandre has Davos row her in a boat over toward Renly’s camp, and when on the shore, she gives birth to what the Internet has dubbed a Shadow Baby. It’s a slightly more human-shaped smoke monster from Lost, essentially, and it wriggles its way through a sewer grate bound for destination unknown.


Catelyn is, at the time, conferring with Renly and his trusty lady knight, Brienne of Tarth. Brienne is a tall, butch woman who’s a fearsome fighter and is deeply loyal to Renly. She’s probably in love with him, but we all know how Renly feels about women, butch or not. Anyway, Catelyn is trying to convince Renly to see reason vis a vis this whole Lannister business, and while she’s talking to him, uh oh, Melisandre’s smoke baby emerges from the shadows and kills him. Stabs him through the heart or something. Fearing they will be implicated, Brienne and Catelyn flee into the night. There goes another of Robb’s potential allies. And it means there’s now only one Baratheon brother vying for the crown.

At King’s Landing, life is a living hell for Sansa, who is still technically supposed to marry Joffrey, even though her father has been executed as a traitor. Much to her horror, Sansa gets her period (called “flowering” in this world’s gross parlance), which means it will soon be time to marry Joffrey and bear his heirs. Luckily, sort of, the Tyrells show up and, in a deal arranged by the omnipresent Littlefinger, propose a strategic alliance with the Lannisters. Margaery, a widow now that Renly is dead, will marry Joffrey and thus unite the two most powerful Houses in the land. So Sansa is cast aside, while Littlefinger vows to help her escape one day. Littlefinger, who’s always had, um, a little something for Sansa’s mom, may be up to no good here.


During an unsuccessful time on the battlefield with his father, Tyrion met a prostitute named Shae whom he’s fallen in love with. Tyrion has a history of falling in love with prostitutes, and his father has a history of strongly disapproving, so Tyrion keeps Shae hidden in plain sight by appointing her Sansa’s handmaiden. Though Tyrion is calculating and not the friendliest of folks, he’s never cruel to Sansa, he even pities her. He tries to make sure her life is as comfortable as can be, truyen sex while also preparing the city for an inevitable attack from Stannis, who has amassed a great navy that is headed toward Blackwater Bay, where King’s Landing is situated. Myrcella Baratheon is sent to Dorne, the southernmost kingdom in Westeros, where she will presumably remain safe.

Beyond King’s Landing, Robb continues to wage war with the Lannisters. Though in Season 1 he swore his hand in marriage to one of the many daughters of the cruel old Lord of the Twins, Walder Frey, in order to gain his army passage across Frey’s river, Robb meets a young battlefield nurse of sorts named Talisa whom he, of course, falls in love with. Catelyn’s none too pleased about that, as marriage pacts between Houses are taken very seriously. It would behoove you to remember this important detail. It later proves to be the biggest detail so far, in many respects!


Catelyn, once again, does something really dumb and releases Jaime from captivity, because she’s worried Robb’s men are going to kill him. And if Jaime’s dead, that means her daughters are all but lost. (They know Arya is missing at this point, I’m pretty sure, but they at least know that Sansa is alive and stuck in King’s Landing.) So she sends Jaime off with Brienne, who is now loyal to Catelyn (poor Brienne always needs someone to be loyal to), hoping Brienne can get Jaime back to King’s Landing safely and negotiate an exchange for one or both of the girls. Robb freaks out, as Jaime was obviously worth a lot. He and his mom are now firmly on the outs.

Arya, of course, isn’t in King’s Landing at all, but making her way to the North along the Kingsroad. Given that it’s wartime, this is a dangerous route to travel, made even more dangerous by the fact that one of the boys headed to the Wall with Arya is a lad named Gendry, who is basically the last of Robert Baratheon’s known bastards still living, as Cersei had the rest of them put to the sword. Men from King’s Landing come looking for Gendry, but they’re chased off by Yoren, the sorta-kindly Night’s Watchmen escorting the group North. It’s no rest for the weary, though, as the group is soon attacked by some of the Lannisters’ phim sex men and those that aren’t killed are taken to Harrenhal, a great crumbling castle that was once, long ago, besieged by dragons. A creepy, supposedly haunted place, Arya manages to survive by becoming the cup bearer for none other than Tywin Lannister himself, who’s using the derelict castle as a temporary base of operations. Arya and Tywin have an excellent series of scenes in which an increasingly vengeful Arya tries to contain her murderous rage and Tywin begins to suspect Arya is more than she seems.



Before she gets found out, though, a vaguely mystical fellow prisoner named Jaqen H’ghar (also a Braavosi, like Arya’s intriguing fencing instructor) says he will help Arya by killing three people of her choosing. Jaqen is helping Arya because she did him a kindness earlier on their journey, but he perhaps also sees some other specialness in Arya… Like her brother Bran, Arya has been having dreams in which it’s almost as if she’s possessing her direwolf, roaming across the land and hunting for prey. What could that mean?? After Arya calls in her three gruesome favors, she escapes Harrenhal with two friends, including Gendry. Before he disappears for good, Jaqen gives Arya a strange coin and tells her to use it when she really needs it. He carefully instructs her to say the words “Valar morghulis” when she does. Arya still has that coin.

Beyond-the-Wall, Jon and the other Night’s Watchmen are tracking wildlings, trying to figure out what they’re up to. It seems they are assembling their own army and preparing a march South, concerned as they are about sightings of dreaded White Walkers, terrible beings from the ice who have not been seen for a thousand years, but are now, it seems, phim sex coming back. (That thing we saw way back in the prologue of the first season? That was a White Walker.) The Watchmen spend some time at Craster’s Keep, a sort of waystation where an only slightly sympathetic old brute named Craster lives with his many wives/daughters. (Yes, they’re both.) Jon learns that Craster has been giving whatever sons are born of these women to the White Walkers as a sort of peace offering. Sam becomes smitten with one of these daughter/wives, named Gilly, who is pregnant. Jon says they can’t help her and the men press on. 
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